Bird Prevention Netting Design & Quotation Service For Problem Pigeons, Sparrows & Starlings in Cyprus

Bird Netting Design and Quotation Service

PigeonStoppers & offer its customers a design and quotation service for its professional bird netting installations.

During the survey if the surveyor feels a netting system is appropriate he will measure and photograph the affected area and draw up a netting design together with a quotation for materials and labor

We only use netting that exceeds industry standards and which is purpose made for the job, not substandard fishing net seen around the area which will fail within 1 to 3 years due to low abrasion resistance and poor light tolerance

Our netting is long lasting and is UV stabilised to meet the climatic conditions of the Cyprus weather.

The bird netting is fixed to tensioned wire cable and the fixing methods accommodate future maintenance requirements

We use the most suitable netting for the target pest species which are usually Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows