What We Do- Cyprus Pigeon and Sparrow Pest Services

We have 6 years experience fitting 100’s of installations around the Paralimni, Larnaca and Nicosia area.

Over time we have optimised our designs and methods using only quality materials which mostly have to be sourced and imported from the UK and Western Europe

PigeonStoppers offer a comprehensive range of professional services at competitive pricing:


Villa Roof Survey For Pigeon and Bird affected areas

We use our own skilled surveyor to inspect villa roofs for bird activity, usually pigeons, starlings and sparrows. He will draw up a plan with the most suitable and cost effective method which will solve the pest problem.

This may be a netting system, spikes, wire & post system or a combination of all three.

We provide a report of the findings together with supporting pictures along with a quotation for work recommended.

Bird Netting Pigeon and Sparrow Installation Service

We offer a professional bird netting installation service; the bird netting used meets industry standards and is purpose made for the job. The netting is long lasting and is UV stabilised to meet the climatic conditions of the Cyprus weather.

The bird netting is fixed to tensioned wire cable and the fixing methods accommodate future maintenance requirements

We use the most suitable netting for the target pest species which are usually Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows


Pigeon Bird Spike Installation

We only fit a quality market leading brand of spikes which are proven to outlast all economy brands which deteriorate very quickly.

We screw fix all bird spike installations to last unlike many who bond, mastic or glue!

Wire & Post Installations for Pigeon Problem Areas

These systems are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than spikes and are often used in more visible areas or where clients don’t like the look of spikes for example visible window sills or balconies.